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Brendan C
⏳ 12-2021

Lovely Walk

Great refreshing walk. The Atlantic wind will really wake you up along this beach. The tide was in when we were there and the waves on the rocks were just worth looking at.
⏳ 12-2021

Beautiful Beach

The beach here is beautiful. The prom is lovely, there’s (paid) parking directly at the beachfront and there’s great amenities like toilets and a playground. It’s frustrating that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach at all during the day in summer, even on leads, but the dog waste bins are plentiful and have free poo bags along the prom and upper path. The views across to Liscannor are lovely. It’s a great beach for surfing, and swimming, but heed the safety warnings. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards during the season. Well worth a visit.
Eamonn Walsh
⏳ 12-2021

Great Space

What a beach. Long,wide and stoneless. Great for walkers,surfers and kids. Loads and loads of parking(if you can find a spot). Surrounds tires and shabby,people friendly. Public loos fine and loads of choice for places to eat. Try Spoony’s fish & chips. Down side is its so unbelievably busy. It’s time restricted for dog walkers and traffic is crazy.
Simon C
⏳ 12-2021

Great beach for a walk.

Great beach for a walk when the tide is out. We walked from the village to the far end by the bridge and back again, around an hour in total.
⏳ 12-2021

Stormy Lehinch/ Lahinch

I had never seen an Atlantic coastal storm before. We were staying in Ennis and the weather had turned decidedly nasty. What else to do than head for Lahinch and walk the Prom?
We sure got our value from storm, it was vicious! That didn’t stop us taking a long walk on the Prom to admire the power of Nature.
Two days later we happened by again, this time in more pleasant weather. The beach was filled with surf schools and people having great fun. The Prom was crowded and we enjoyed another, this time more pleasant, walk.
Good parking and services.
By the way, since when has Lahinch become Lehinch?

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