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Elize L
⏳ 12-2021

Dublin Airport Taxi - Avoid at all cost

This is a complaint regarding the service, or lack thereof received.


We booked as per details below.pickup at 14h30 to endure enough timd fof security etc at airport.

Contacted the driver, Irfan at 14h25 to ensure he would not be late and on his way.

He advised that he was on his way and would be there soon.

14h40, contacted again and he advised he wont be able to make it and he will arrange another driver. He saw the message late and actually never left to collect us.

We immediately phoned your contact number to enquire why this is happening and was told that you would contact the driver to enquire and immediately phone back, well still waiting for this phone call.....

15h00 a different driver arrived, not yours but arranged by Irfan. Taxi not big enough for our checked in luggage. We were forced to put half our suitcases on our laps, not able to even see in front due to this. 2 adults and 2 teenagers squeezed into this taxi.

I can not see why i paid EUR 49 for this sub standard service. The original driver phoned back and advised he would ensure we get a refund.....well that also never happened.

Very disappointed as we always advise everyone to use your service as we have never had a bad experience in 4 years. We are so disappointed and dont want to use your service to be dropped back home when we return, as this might happen again.

Well they said the complaint was received too late even though they were phoned immediately without any action and they already paid the first driver.

Apparently check in luggage is a medium suitcase as per David.....

Absolutely disgusted and disappointed. Stay away!!!!!!
Anne A
⏳ 12-2021

Very disappointed

I have used this service for years and was shocked this evening when the driver told my husband and I that she didn’t have time to let us on the bus. We had tickets and there was no queue so I’m baffled that she took the time to tell us we couldn’t get on a bus that was almost empty and for which we had tickets. Maybe she was having a bad day.
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