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Michael M
⏳ 12-2021

visit to West Cork

Very friendly pub with great bar staff the premises is in great order .When i was there ,there was a lovely mix of customers. The beer garden is one of the best I have visited with lots of space for young and not so young.
The atmosphere of the pub is truly welcoming.
Eva D
⏳ 12-2021

a pub - also for ladies :-)

My husband had to go back to work after a week, so I stayed withour two girls in Skibbereen. Baby Hannah´s was a place we all liked (me, older than 30 ;-), the girls 18 and 15 years old). The hosts are very nice, the seating is comfy, there is a sort of "free library" (you are supposed to leave a small donation) between pub and outdoor seating... the outdoor seating is lovely, parking is nearby.... and... if you have to drive... the tea is excellent, too :-).

Welcome in!

We past a pleasant evening in baby Hannah’s where the staff were very friendly the setting is warm and inviting
And the music by regular appearing musicians tony Davies and mick Collins
Was enjoyable, would recommend it as a must do in skib

True Irish Pub

Loved this little pub. The town is quaint and the locals are extremely friendly. A band of 4-6 (at any given time) began playing around 9. Seems like an everyday occurrence. Typical selection of beers and free wi-fi (password: skibbereen). You must go in for at least one drink.

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